As a scholar whose best work has emerged out of conversations with practitioners and scholars in other fields, one of the central aims of my teaching is to engage students in dialogues that cross disciplinary lines. Another is to orient my classes beyond insular debates within the academy towards events and issues in the local artistic community. I incorporate active learning strategies that engage students with the material and develop specific skills, particularly at writing for both public and scholarly audiences.

At Brock University, I am teaching a first-year class that is open to all students called Music in Global Cultures as well as the Western art music survey (more details below). At Duke University, I designed two writing-intensive seminars for first-year students: The American Musical and Adaptation and Musical Theatre. Other teaching interests include film music, philosophies of the performing arts, music and storytelling, opera in the 21st century, and the works of Benjamin Britten and Stephen Sondheim.


Music in Global Cultures I & II
Brock University, Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Explores how music both reflects and influences individuals and societies. Themes include race, gender, sexuality, spirituality, disability, nationalism, protest, war, love, and technology. Case studies will be drawn from a variety of musical traditions, past and present, from around the globe. Offered online in fall 2020.

Music in Western Culture I & II
Brock University, Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Surveys Western art music from ancient Greece to the present day. Building on skills from the Music in Global Cultures courses, we seek to understand musical works and performances as the creations of historical persons working in particular times and places. Offered online in fall 2020.