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I am Assistant Professor of Music at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario. My first book, Storytelling in Opera and Musical Theater (2020), explores how operas and musicals tell stories in comparison with other media. My next project "Exploring New Collaborative Models in Indigenous-Led Opera in Canada" has received a Brock SSHRC Institutional Grant for 2021–22. In this work, I'm collaborating with Amplified Opera, an opera collective based in Toronto that seeks to amplify previously marginalized voices in the industry.


My first journalistic piece, "Handel’s ‘Messiah’ today: How classical music is contending with its colonial past and present," co-authored with Caryl Clark was published in The Conversation just prior to the holidays and was subsequently republished by the National Post on November 24. (Note: The original story on The Conversation contains links to our sources, which were not carried forward to the republication.)

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